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"You have never seen Tracey Birdsall in a performance like this before. It's out of this world.” — Gig Patta, LRM  (Latino Review Monthly)



"Tracey Birdsall joins the ranks of legendary sci-fi leading ladies like Linda Hamilton and Sigourney Weaver with her multifaceted performance in Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter. Birdsall's portrayal of Sienna—the film's tough, smart, and sexy heroine—is enthralling."—Jeff Berkwits, SCI FI Magazine

"With its powerful performances and edge-of-your-seat action, Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter blends the post-apocalyptic desolation of Mad Max with the technology of The Terminator and the philosophical 'what it means to be human' complexity of Blade Runner. It's a terrific and thought-provoking sci-fi tour de force."—Jeff Berkwits, SCI FI Magazine


“Tracey Birdsall's performance of Sienna—the film’s tough, intelligent and sexy leading character—is nothing short of exhilarating.” — Stuart Anderson — 5D blog


“Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter is quite simply a triumph, it is in fact a genuinely scintillating slice of Sci-fI cinema” — Stuart Anderson — 5D blog


“This movie is quite simply a delight for the visual senses” — Stuart Anderson — 5D blog


“the future of Sci-fi looks pretty safe in the hands of Rogue Warrior.” — Stuart Anderson — 5D blog


“I loved that this film was daring not to go forward with it’s thinking, but to show a love of what the earlier films did with this material. … This film makes the genre feel fun again.” —


“Tracey Birdsall’s performance encompasses a tenacity and determination evocative of Linda Hamilton in “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.” … show(ing) her versatility, ranging from headstrong and uncompromising warrior, to the mentality of a heartbroken child.” — James McDonald —


“Science fiction has just gotten interesting again”— James McDonald —


"Rouge Warrior: Robot Fighter is the shot main-stream sci-fi needs and is the type of movie franchises are built on.” — Joshua Gilmore —


“Tracey Birsdsall’s Sienna is a wonderful blend of Furiosa/Mad Max, meets Alice from the Resident Evil films…” — Stuart Bannerman —


“Neil Johnson’s direction is brilliant” — Stuart Bannerman —

“Rogue Warrior:Robot Fighter very much earns its place in my heart for being a wonderfully enjoyable fun trip through the stars.” — Stuart Bannerman —


“Birdsall is fabulous” — Benjamin Poole —


“ROGUE WARRIOR : ROBOT FIGHTER introduces audiences to to cinema's next action heroine, Sienna!” — Rama’s Screen


“Sienna is a very complex character that required an actress that is physically capable, one that comes across as the tough woman but yet be able to appear compassionate, and to make the audience laugh delivering comical dialogue, an extremely challenging role that Tracey Birdsall aced with her award winning performance.” — Keith Makenas — B Movie Nation


“Director Neil Johnson’s artistic eye behind the lens created a rugged and extreme, yet breathtaking worlds in ROGUE WARRIOR that’s a visual treat for the audience.” — Keith Makenas — B Movie Nation


“Rogue Warrior one of the best sci-fi action movies of 2017” - Carter Lee - Inquisitr


“Skillfully directed by Neil Johnson” - Carter Lee - Inquisitr

“Rogue Warrior is a nod to sci-fi action movies from years gone by” - Carter Lee - Inquisitr

“underneath the surface lies a story about self-identity and the sheer survival of the human will” - Carter Lee - Inquisitr

“jam-packed action” - Carter Lee - Inquisitr

“one of the most creative sci-fi action movies of 2017” - Carter Lee - Inquisitr

“The hilarious banter between Hoagland and Sienna steals the show” - Carter Lee - Inquisitr

“audiences are in for a big treat” - Carter Lee - Inquisitr


Tracey Birdsall, a complex badass” - Justin Corbett - Horror Geek Life


“an incredible star in Tracey Birdsall” - Justin Corbett - Horror Geek Life


“loved the cinematography” - Justin Corbett - Horror Geek Life


“a modern sci-fi epic” - Justin Corbett - Horror Geek Life


“an incredible heroine at the lead” - Justin Corbett - Horror Geek Life


“great storytelling” - Justin Corbett - Horror Geek Life


“humanity is ready to fight back” - Aaron Couch - The Hollywood Reporter


“Genre staple Tracey Birdsall gives an intergalactic performance in the Neil Johnson helmed Rogue Warrior : Robot Fighter” -





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